At 21st Century Sports we run a variety of programs in order to accommodate children of ALL ability levels, from those who seek to improve their overall baseball/softball ability or a specific skill (e.g. pitching, hitting, etc.) to those who look to better their social skills while working in a group environment.

To effectively run our various programs we, again, point directly to our quality staff members who strive to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for all children. Being that most of our staff members are area school teachers, they are true professionals who deal with students of varying ability levels on a daily basis.

For the highly competitive player, we also have a staff that WILL help you achieve more on the diamond than you ever have before. Guaranteed. To learn more about our staff, read some of our coaches’ biographies on the Baseball-Elite Coaching Staff page on the left.

In short, our staff members. We are fully confident that we provide the best STAFF that is available for children in all of youth baseball today. PERIOD. Nearly all of our staff members are Westchester-area teachers who double as high school and/or college coaches and possess well over 125 years of cumulative teaching and coaching experience. As a parent, you can feel comfortable knowing that your child will be working directly with people who, as teachers and school coaches, are responsible for providing a setting that is safe, educational and fun – all at the same time.

Our staff also has members that are current professional baseball and softball players. This is in addition to our some of our coaches who have competed not only at the Varsity high school level, but at the highest level of amateur baseball: in Division I college baseball, and against many of the Top 25 programs in the entire country.

Most, if not all, other baseball/softball training companies simply do not possess the same quality of staff. To verify this, search the “Staff” page on other websites and compare the biographies of their staff members to ours. You will see the difference.

Many of our programs take place right in your town’s youth, high school or recreational ballparks, including our summer camps and Team Training sessions.

We provide a range of services, from children’s birthday parties to one-on-one private instruction, from basic skill clinics to elaborate summer camps, from Team Training to comprehensive Coaches’ Education programs (educating youth coaches, e.g. Little League and Babe Ruth League coaches). For a complete listing of our services, please see the left-hand side of our website.

21st Century Sports (21CS) is a collection of baseball coaches, most of whom currently coach at the High School Varsity and College levels. We are located in the New York metropolitan area and provide coaching credentials that are both unique and superior to the sports of baseball and softball. For more information, you can visit the “We Are 21st Century Sports” page atop the website, or the Staff Biographies on the left.