Steve Rinaldo, Camp Director

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Steve has been an educator for over 10 years, earning his B.S. in Mathematical Sciences from Loyola University (Maryland) in 2008 and his M.S. in Instructional Technology in 2012 from St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia).  Coach Rinaldo’s primary roles with 21CS include serving as a Camp Director as well as assisting George McShane, 21CS’ Tech Director, with the research, development and acquisition of on-field technologies that target player development.

“With respect to coaching, Steve possesses tremendous knowledge about what makes today’s players, a.k.a. 21st Century learners, tick”, said Consiglio.  “He has an incredibly keen sense of the things emerging athletes – children ages 10-12, 13 – not only seem to want to know, but more importantly, how to transfer that knowledge in a way that is well-received by them – particularly once he weaves in the technology aspect, an area of expertise for Steve.  Thus, his athletes keep coming back for more, they remain motivated.  That is one of the marks of a great educator, being able to peak and satisfy learners’ interests.  Coach Rinaldo has that down pat.  It’s truly awesome to see.”  

A catcher by trade, Coach Rinaldo competed on multiple travel, summer and spring league teams up until the time he graduated high school.  Currently, his coaching duties include mentoring up-and-comers in the White Plains Junior Bowling league and coaching boys’ and girls’ softball for Yonkers Public Schools with 21CS Staff Member Jake Epprecht.

If asked, his philosophy on coaching any sport is simple, “Teaching sound fundamentals to players at any age leads to the development of smarter, more versatile athletes – which ultimately leads to their success.”