Why 21CS is Best!

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At 21st Century Sports, #WeAreBaseballEducators.  We commit to:

Possessing EXTENSIVE Inside Knowledge of the Game.  The collective backgrounds of members on our training team possess a deep, unique blend of both playing and coaching experience at the Varsity, NCAA – including Division I – and professional levels.  As a result, we are well-equipped to work with players on various “talent tracks”, and thoroughly understand what is required at each of these levels in order to be successful and help players advance their games.

Being Well-Versed in School & Education-Based Teaching Practices.  In addition to being high-performance baseball coaches and trainers, many of our staff also currently serve as school teachers.  In other words, we are experts in the critical talent-building process of teaching and learning, able to work with a variety of kids and personal learning styles.  (Do not underestimate the importance of this!  We can all recall a moment when we had a teacher who crystallized our understanding about something, in just seconds, that may have previously eluded us for years!).  Hence the name “Baseball Educators”.

Ensuring the regular use of ON-FIELD TECHNOLOGY with players.  Today’s students and athletes not only expect, but need, visual resources to be a part of their playing and training experiences if they are to maximize their talent.  Educational/training tools that strike the eye often have a much more powerful impact than those that don’t.      


*ASK YOURSELF:  Is your child regularly receiving the opportunity to learn & improve his baseball game with the support of Player Development Technologies (PDTs)?  

Fully Understanding Baseball’s Developmental Benchmarks.  Rome was not built in a day.  Thus, it is reasonable to expect that #TalentTakesTime to develop.  More importantly, since we possess a deep understanding of the game and the needed strategies that best resonate with young players, we also understand the various performance processes that lead to to the acquisition of an elevated game.

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To view some of the on-field technologies we regularly utilize in order to maximize players’ skill development, click on any of the icons below.

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Teaching #BaseballOurGreatGame to aspiring players is our mission.  Simply put, It Is What We Do.

Educate. Execute. EXCEL!