George McShane

George McShane, Director of On-Field Technology

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“With all that our organization does with technology, especially when it comes to maximizing players’ opportunities to learn right on the diamond, we felt it was paramount to assign this set of responsibilities to someone who specializes in the tech space”, said Consiglio.  “Adding George to our staff will optimize many of our tech processes and, in the end, benefit players’ performance.  His expertise will continue to elevate our standing as a leader when it comes to merging the baseball, educational and technology fields in the amateur and, eventually, professional markets.”

“These on-field tools simply mirror how kids – from the age of 5 up through the college level – learn in school every single day.  By bringing a similar blend of tech-based tools and educational strategies to the baseball diamond, it is inevitable we will see a quick, yet significant uptick in player skill acquisition and, ultimately, their game performance.”

Prior to joining our organization, Coach McShane worked for more than 15 years as Director of the IT Department for a major marketing company based in New York.  His expertise in the tech industry, coupled with his understanding of the game of baseball, will yield great results for players. Read MoreMcShane has been involved in coaching for the past 20 years in a variety of sports, including youth baseball, and looks forward to integrating his knowledge of the game with player-friendly, learner-centered tech development tools where they are most likely to develop great results – right on the field!